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  • Stephanie Hanouw

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"Many, many, many are the ways your Lord shows His love to His children. Many, many, many are the times My children never connect that goodness to the loving intention of their Heavenly Father. What a joy they miss not to realize my acts of love pouring forth upon them during their day!"

"Wake up, My children! Recognize the move of your Lord and King. I am love. Love pours forth from My great heart in abundant measure. Draw near, My child. Come into My presence giving thanks for such a treasured invitation. I am calling you - inviting you - into the Holy of Holies where I dwell. It is a place of joy, wonder, marvels, love and peace. Don't hesitate to accept and act on the invitation I give."

"Realize the importance and honor attached to that invitation. Accept. Come. Enter into the joy of your Lord. I wait eagerly for you to accept My invitation. Don't put off coming into My presence. You can't even imagine all the goodness that awaits those who will make the choice, take the time, and come, with abandon, to My table of delights. I love you - immeasurably! (02/05/2021)

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  • Stephanie Hanouw

God is for you not against you!

"Mighty is the Lord your God to the pulling down of strongholds - both personal and national. No thing is too hard for your Lord. Even if the nations rage and the people revolt, still My power reigns and rules. Nothing is outside of My plan. Take heart, My Child. Rest in the supremacy of your Lord. Peace is yours - My peace - the peace that prevails and passes all understanding. That is the peace I give. It is not fleeting or shaky. It is strong and dependable."

"Take My hand today and walk beside Me. Follow My lead and learn from Me. I am for you not against you. My love and My plans for you know no bounds. You must work harder at trusting Me. When your unyielding trust is in Me, I do not disappoint. I choose the timing and I choose the way. I make the way!"

"Turn to Me for all you need. Align your desires with mine. I am not a father who withholds good things from His children. When you are not sure, ask for My input and guidance. Your own heart can lead you the wrong way. Seek My heart for your direction. I long to lead you in the way everlasting and to keep you on the straight and narrow path."

"Again, I say, 'Take My hand and follow Me'. Many are the ways of man, but My way is your best way. It is imperative that your heart trusts in Me, My plan, My timing, My methods of bringing My will to pass. You MUST trust. Therein is peace. Therein is rest. Therein is victory. What is it that troubles you? Bring each thing to Me, leave it, and trust My plans for it. I have spoken." (01/29/2021)

Have you recognized what troubles you these days? When you have sorted out those things, verbally give them to Jesus. TRUST Him with those things and watch wonders unfold - on His timetable and according to His unique plans. Prepare to be amazed! Please let me know the outcome in the comments.

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  • Stephanie Hanouw

"Take My hand and I will help you."

Jesus said, "My sheep hear My voice..." John 10:27

What's on Your heart today, Lord?

My people. If My people will pray, if My people will trust, if My people will give me their lives - IF! It is a choice each one must make. Sometimes it is a moment by moment endeavor. The time will come when trusting Me and My guidance will be your lifeline."

"Get acquainted with Me now. Get familiar with My word so you will recognize My involvement. Understand the ways of My enemy, your enemy, so you can resist his intended evil. You must learn to and make the time to draw away with Me. I am your Way, your Truth, your Life."

"I am worthy of your trust. Take My hand and I will help you. You need to learn to trust Me to the uttermost, to the midnight hour. Do you not understand My love for you? Do you not understand that I am able? Do you not understand that My kingdom will come and that My will will be done on earth as it is in heaven?"

"Oh, the glorious ways of Your Lord! Marvelous! Magnificent! They are beyond the ability of words to describe. Majesty surrounds My presence. I invite you to enter into that majesty, to enter into My presence. I wait with great anticipation for your coming. I have so much to pour out to you."

"I desire to bless My children. My love and supply are for you, My Child. Simply reach out and receive. My provision is there for the asking. All you need do is believe and receive. I love you. Come. Don't wait. The time of My return draws near. Come." (01/27/2021)

Take the time right now. Stop. By faith step into God's majesty to receive the goodness (love, joy, wisdom, discernment) He has set aside for you. Believe an receive. Don't put it off. When you taste and see that the Lord is good, returning will be easy. Let it become a normal part of your day.

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