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Heading 6
  • Stephanie Hanouw

Beauty is all around.

"Open up your eyes and see the beauty surrounding you. Not only the beauty of nature in all her splendor, but see the beauty of love, of faithfulness, of kindness. Search to see, if you must. It is there before you, but you must have eyes to see. Do not place your focus on the dark parts of life. The dark will steal the joy of beauty from you."

"Beauty surrounds your Lord. Light, love, and joy surround Me. Draw near to Me and fill your whole being with the light, love, and joy that is your God. I dispel the darkness where hope and life are drowned out."

"Come into My presence and stay a while. I long to bless you. Draw near to your Heavenly Father and see the difference awaiting you here. I love you. Come. I have spoken." (03/25/2024)

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  • Stephanie Hanouw

"You are created in My image!"

"Knowing that I am with you and will never leave you should bring a rush of joy and gladness to your heart. Do you believe that I am with you, that I am for you? I am a Father who loves His children. I did not create you for loneliness, Child. You were created in My image to carry My light and My love everywhere you go."

"Shake off the lies of the enemy. Do not listen to his accusations. He is the father of lies. Keep your focus on the truth of My words. They hold power and peace. You must know them and believe them. Embrace and apply the words I have made available to you. Do not doubt!"

"I am faithful. Trust Me. Turn to Me. Accept the love that I long to shower over you. Find your joy and your strength in Me, My words, My presence. Seek Me til you find Me. I am so near. Why do you hold back? My love invites you to come. Lay aside the tantalizing distractions of this world. They don't contain the value that characterizes My word, My presence."

"Draw near, Child. I stand with open arms waiting for you to accept My invitation to meet Me here. I love you. Let My breath fill your being with life. I still offer life to those who will accept. Draw near and receive the fullness I wait to impart. Come, Child, you need Me. I'm waiting. I offer you My love. (03/18/2024)

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  • Stephanie Hanouw

Updated: Apr 7

What is holding you back?

"In the quiet of the moment, seek the Lord while He may be found. High and lifted up, He is easy to be seen. He is easy to be found. Search. Search for the presence of your Lord. He waits with open arms welcoming all who will to come. His love beacons to those near and far. Come. Come into the presence of your Lord."

"Rejoice because of the blessings awaiting you in My presence. All you need you will find in My presence: answers, forgiveness, fresh starts, love, acceptance, ALL you need. Don't hesitate. Seek and you shall find Me ready, willing, and able to make the difference you long for."

"What holds you back? If you lack faith, ask for more. If you lack motivation, ask for more. If you are afraid, ask for My protection. If you are unsure and need direction, call upon My mercy and guidance. I will help you!"

"I love you. I am on your side. I am your biggest encourager. Come to Me in your darkest hour, in the middle of overwhelming chaos, or in a season of loneliness and discouragement. I am here. I hear your call upon My love. Seek My face. I am FOR you. I am your loving, Heavenly Father. Come." (03/06/2024)

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