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Heading 6
  • Stephanie Hanouw

"The plans I have for My children are perfect in each life."

Before you read this loving message, I want you to know that your heavenly Father cares for you and about the things that weigh heavy on your heart. The following is His response to my distraught meltdown concerning a conflict with a desire in an area my life.

"Are you ready to listen?" He asked after I had poured out my complaint from the depths of my heart. (I wasn't. I prayed in tongues for a while and finally settled down.)

"I'm ready now, Lord," I said. He was quick to respond.

"The plight of my children are of primary importance to Me. They cry out and moan over disappointment, pain, fear, and inconvenience. I hear their cries. I hear your cries. The plans I have for My children are perfect for each one. As husband and wife, they become one flesh, one unit. My plans for that marriage of two is one plan which, when surrendered to Me, benefits each individually and as one flesh. Only through My will can this be accomplished. Both for one, one for both. Each must trust Me to the uttermost."

"As for a change of _______ (you put your specific detail in there), seek My will and My timing. My way will make the process so much more efficient and easy. Include Me in your planning and you will be keenly aware of My way for you. Leave Me out and your wheels will spin and get you nowhere. Do not fret. It is wasted energy and tiring [for you]. Trust your Lord to have your best interests in mind. I know the plans I have for you, plans to give you a future and a hope. I have told you that I have 'something better'. You will see. Do you trust Me with this?"

My response: "I trust, but not completely - not so much that I have peace. Help me to trust You with it 'til peace and faith come and increase".

"That is right. Trust Me until peace comes, until joy comes, until the assurance that I am able and willing comes. I love you, My Child. You have nothing to fear but fear itself. I am FOR you not against you. My plans for you are good. Walk in obedience as I direct you. Keep a watchful eye and a hearing ear. Be aware of even My whispers. Choose to trust. Choose to obey. I hold the best in store for you. I love you. I have spoken!" (01/03/2023)

A loving, heavenly father's response, not like an earthly father's response that often times falls short of the love and wisdom we need at the time. I would encourage you to present your problems and challenges to Him and listen to His response. Expect it. He cares about that which concerns you according to Psalm 138:8. See what you think, and believe that as His child, you matter!

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  • Stephanie Hanouw

"The veil will be lifted and wonders will appear."

"Oh the wonder and the joy I have prepared for those who love Me. Marvelous wonders beyond what even the most talented thinker can imagine. A world of wonders prepared for My children. You have no way to conceive of those things I have in store for you! Nothing on earth can compare."

" 'When will we see?' you ask."

"My return is soon, and soon you will see the awesome things of My kingdom. Are you ready? Are you prepared for My return? What has held you back? Let go of all resentment, pride, envy, and anger. Your Lord is a God of love and forgiveness. Any resentment, pride, envy, and anger will steal away the wonders I have for you. Many desire to see but are blinded by these things. Let them go. Follow My example - forgive and love. Then you will see those things that only your spirit knows to exist in your heavenly home."

"I come soon, sooner than most expect. My people understand physical death as a fact of life, but physical transformation is a new thing - a God-thing. Soon you shall know as you are known. Upon My return for My children, the veil will be lifted and the wonders will appear vibrant and real! No more need to wait and expect. The race is won. The life has come. Your Lord of Lords has come to His kingdom to rule and reign in power, love, and might. The wait is over. Lift up your heads, oh you gates, and be lifted up you everlasting doors and the King of Glory shall enter in. I will see you soon. Be ready. I have spoken. Amen." (Blessed New Year - January 1, 2023)

So much is yet to be accomplished in the Kingdom of God. We are called to make a difference - to apply our purpose in this life to His goals. The time of Jesus' return is so very near. He needs each and every one of us to use our gifts and talents to partner with Him as He seeks to rescue the lost. There is a certain joy that only comes as we understand the significant part we are to play in God's vast eternal plan. What is He calling you to today? Trust and obey!

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  • Stephanie Hanouw

Pull away from the busyness of life and come in close.

"Battles. They will be many and many will be intense. Expect them."

"Now is the time to be building a firm, steadfast foundation. Do not neglect pulling away from the busyness of life to draw close to Me. You will need the strength and guidance that only I can supply. You will need to learn My voice and build an unshakable trust in Me as Lord and Savior. You may find Me your only lifeline in some challenges. You will have to know that you know that you know that I am able to keep you to the uttermost."

"I love you, Child. The treasures I have prepared for you are remarkable - beyond anything you could ever imagine. Take My hand and survey the wonders beyond your wildest expectations. I am here for you and you are here for Me. Keep close enough to hear Me whisper encouragement, direction, and truth. Come to My table and eat of the delicacies I have lovingly prepared for you." (12/30/2022)

As we enter into 2023, it is imperative to stay close to our Lord, know His voice, and trust him to the uttermost. Our enemy, His enemy, is gaining confidence in the approaching darkness of this age. Our loving Lord is encouraging us to stay close to His side and listen so well that we can prevail in every battle that comes against us. We have a Heavenly Father who wants us (has planned for us) to be victorious. We must make the effort to draw close every chance we get.

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