Heading 6
  • Stephanie Hanouw

God knows and He cares.

"When in the middle of a trial and challenging time, you must remember that I am there with you. I see every circumstance. I know every mental, emotional, and spiritual impact you are experiencing. I know and I care. My silence in these times is a training ground for you. You learn to trust Me. You have to call to remembrance My word, My love, My presence in past trials and tribulations. Like Peter's experience when walking on the water - I didn't let him drown. I stretched out My hand and helped him, but I let him try. He prevailed as long as His focus was on Me".

"I love you, My Child. My obedience [on the cross] was to honor My father and to bring His love to you. Such great love can't be understood by the natural mind. You must have the mind of Christ."

"Go forward, unafraid, My Child. I am with you always. You will find all you need in Me: strength, understanding, joy, peace, forgiveness, satisfaction, and love."

"Walk with Me conscious of all you have access to as you trust and obey. I am with you - always! Let My peace rule in your heart. Keep your mind stayed/focused on Me. I am able to make the crooked places straight. You must remember to ask. Remember to watch and listen for the results of that asking."

"I love you. Stay close to Me. There, it is easier to hear the still, small voice. Stay in the place of intimacy with Me. I have spoken." (04/23/2022)

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  • Stephanie Hanouw

As we trust and obey, He will lead us down the right path.

"How many are the days of man's life [on earth]? Not many compared to the to the days of eternity. This life is short. Live each day to its fullest. The trials and tribulations of this life will soon come to an end. Love remains. My Word remains. I am both!"

"My heart's desire is that none should perish. As My hands and feet, you have an unction from the Holy Spirit to share the treasure you carry - My Gospel. It gives life to the lifeless, hope to the hopeless, and worth to those who consider themselves worthless. That is your mission: share the good news of the Gospel."

"Amidst your trials, tribulations, frustrations, and desires, share My good news. You don't know who needs it. I do. I will direct your steps. Trust the promptings of the Holy Spirit. Step out in faith. Take the chance. Ignore the negative 'what if...?', and know that you serve and partner with the creator of the universe. I know My creation from its smallest cell to its biggest hurdle. I have the answer. I AM the answer! To all those who believe, take My hand and prevail with Me, Savior of the World. I have spoken." (03/22/2022)

  • Stephanie Hanouw

The mystery of God's ways is remarkable!

"When the opening of the womb brought forth the Savior of the World, My kingdom rejoiced. The powers of darkness shuddered at the thought. Although the plan was a mystery, the babe's arrival was not! The Son of God had come. It was the beginning of the end." (03/18/2022)

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