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  • Stephanie Hanouw

Accept and Expect

"Even if you don't see the outcome you wanted . . ."

"Yes, indeed, you shall do greater things than these. You will be used. You will make a difference. The infilling of My Holy Spirit ensures this. Be mindful and watchful of the opportunities before you. Don't hesitate to follow the lead of My Holy Spirit. Even if you don't see the outcome you expected, the outcome you wanted, still, simply by moving in obedience, you have impacted the situation for the better."

"You must trust and embrace this truth and put it into action. I am at the helm. I am charting the course of every one of My children, those who call Me "Father". I am directing your course. Expect the stroms, but also expect My presence to be with you in that storm. I am with you always, even to the end of this age and then, beyond. Do you actually believe that? If you can truly believe My words, you will see a powerful diffence in your approach to life."

"I love you. Child. My plans for you are perfectly orchestrated. Let this truth bring you peace and an expectation of the greater things you hope for. Sometimes, "greater things" are simple and small acts of service that have a great impact on the one receiving My touch through your obedience. Trust, Child. More trust. More faith. I love you. I have spoken." (03/05/ 2024)

After reading Mark 9 about Jesus' transfiguration and the deliverance of the possessed child, I had a picture in my mind of praying for a young girl that I regularly see in a wheelchair. I pondered: "Should I pray for her? What should I pray for her? What if God doesn't move as she or I expect? It was at that point He started dropping the above message into my awareness. I regularly stand amazed at how His communication with me addresses the issues where I wrestle. I want to encourage you to set time apart to get alone with our loving Heavenly Father and let Him pull you close and address those things that challenge you. He is faithful and able. Accept and expect!

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