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  • Stephanie Hanouw

Are You Missing God's Goodness?

Believe and then you will see.

"Oh, the mercies of the Lord that extend to His children - to all the people's of the earth! Those mercies are new every morning. Great is the faithfulness of your Lord. Many are the ways He shows His faithfulness."

"Mankind misses so much of My goodness. My love goes out and the people miss the encounter with My goodness because of unbelief. They don't believe that I am a good God, that I hear and respond when they call upon Me. They miss so much."

"Trust. Believe. You MUST believe before you see. The more you believe, the better you see. Let your faith soar. You must believe that "I am" to receive from Me. Try Me. See if I am not the God of wonders which flow from My love, mercy, and kindness. My goodness is available to ALL people. Make sure others know. I love you. I'll see you soon." (03/30/2021)

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