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  • Stephanie Hanouw

Are Your Breaking God's Heart?

He desires unity within His family members.

"When I see the state of affairs of My people, My heart breaks. It breaks the heart of the Father. Holy and righteous. I have called for a holy and righteous people to be My representatives in this dark world - this world that rejects the Light that exposes their sin."

"What will you do? Will you continue to walk in unrighteousness or will you bow before the King of Kings and receive His mercy? Will you acknowledge His Lordship and humble yourself under the loving but mighty hand of God? I long for unity [among] My people - My family."

"Come together under the banner of the love of your Christ. Seek My face. I give grace for the journey through this life. Open up your heart to the plans and ways of your Lord. Follow the examples of your Lord. Make Me the focal point of your day as you journey through that day. Abide in unity with your fellow believers." (01/14/2021)

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