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  • Stephanie Hanouw

Come and Abide

"I wait with open arms."

You want to say something, don't You, Lord?

"The way is open into the presence of God. Enter in. Do not hesitate. Do not vacillate. Today is the day of the open door. Do not miss the opportunity offered by your Lord. The time quickly approaches when entering in will be harder and harder. The enemy will take every chance given to blind, deceive, and redirect those who seek to surrender their lives to the King of Kings and Lord of Lords."

"I invite you to come. Come now! Come close to Me. Come to receive the riches I have to offer you: peace, love, grace, joy, wisdom, forgiveness. All these I hold in store for you. They are treasures in My kingdom. By all these the elders received a good report. They walked in blessing."

"I call you to also walk in blessing. Receive that blessing from your close walk with Me. Come. I earnestly desire for you to come and abide close to Me. I wait with open arms for My loved ones, My children, to separate themselves unto Me. Come. I bid you, come. Come while the way is open. Do not wait. The time is short. Heed My words. I have spoken." (10/07/2022)

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