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  • Stephanie Hanouw

Don't Hesitate to Ask

You have a part to play in God's great plan.

"Be quiet, My child; be quiet before Me. Absorb the peace of My presence surrounding you. Drink in My goodness. Drink in My love. It pours forth to you without measure. There is ever more and more simply for the asking. Don't hesitate to ask; I have so much more than you could ask for. My supply of anything and everything you could desire is limitless."

"Make My heart glad and come into My presence. It is in My presence that you will learn to recognize Me and My movements in your life. You will grow confident in your ability to discern My presence and My direction in a matter. You will grow in your love for Me."

"Take My hand and travel beside Me. You have a part to play as this world prepares for My soon return. In My presence, your part becomes more clear. I have spoken." (02/25/2021)

I sensed there was more. "What is it, Lord?"

"I am coming soon. You must be ready."

I wondered, "How can I be ready?"

"Stay close to Me. Walk with Me. Talk with Me. Follow My way. Obey. Keep the faith I have made available to you. Don't shrink back. Be confident in My ability to cover and protect you - that does not mean no pain or discomfort."

"I am always with you. Keep in step with Me. I will never leave you nor forsake you. You are Mine. I purchased you with My blood. You are My treasured possession. Trust Me. Follow Me. Love Me. Play your part as I direct. Don't rush ahead. Don't lag behind. Don't take things into your own hands and rush off on your own agenda. Follow Me. I open doors and make the way. Amen." (02/25/2021)

I still didn't feel a release from this conversation. I asked about "more".

"When in your quiet times with Me, expect Me to be there. I am there when you accept My invitation. I delight in your presence. You bring Me joy. You bring a smile to My face. You make MY joy full - the same joy that I give to you to keep!" (02/25/2021)

I admit, this type of conversation is the exception rather than the rule. If I trust enough, though, I think the Lord would prefer it over a one-sided dialogue. His word seems to inform us that He desires to have a one on one with any His children who will believe and receive.

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