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  • Stephanie Hanouw

Eternal Truth

Updated: Sep 25, 2023

Lord, do You have something to say to Your people?

"Open up The Book and see the truths therein - truths that serve every purpose under heaven, truths that I have spoken. My truth prevails - there is no other truth. Mankind may seek to twist and change that truth but to no avail. They waste their time, effort, and passion. My truth remains. Steadfast. Eternal. The whims of man are in vain."

"Seek My truth. Know My truth. Walk in My truth. Make it your aim to carry that truth to whomever will listen. Speak it. Live it. Hang on boldly to that truth. It is safe, reliable, and effective. Do not doubt. It is a strong tower in times of trouble and turmoil. Know My truth and live it. Like a child who believes in that which can't be seen, make it your goal to trust."

"I have given you truth. He abides with you and in you. Lean into that truth at every opportunity. My holy and righteous truth is for you. Open your eyes to see the impact My truth makes and pass it on. Holy! Holy! Holy! My truth remains forever. Amen."

Do You have more to say, Lord?

"Hang onto the truth. Do not waiver. You must determine to remain steadfast. The tempter will come to steal your confidence. It is that truth he tries to steal that will protect you. Do not yield. Stand firm. Hold it tight. I will be with you to help you defeat your enemy. You and I are victors. That is also truth. I have spoken to prepare you for the turbulent times ahead. I am with you always. Open up The Book and receive the truths I have given you. I have spoken. Make every necessary effort to protect that truth." (09/05/2023)

What a loving heavenly Father that will prepare His children in a way that makes us victors with Him!

We are truly blessed!!

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