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  • Stephanie Hanouw

God Never Stops Creating

Read His own declaration of His greatness.

"Holy is the Lord, God almighty, the maker of heaven and earth. He is high and lifted up and His train fills the temple! Glorious are the ways of your wonderful Lord. Glorious beyond your limited understanding. He works obviously. He works behind the scenes. He is always at work on behalf of His children. He knows each one intimately - including you!"

"He knows everything about you and how He wired you when He knitted together your individual parts/members into what turned out to be you. He knew what He was doing. He was, even at that time, preparing and orchestrating the plans He has for you. He was creating the flow of your life at the exact time He was creating you!"

" Oh, praise the Lord for His wonderful works on behalf of the children of men! Glorious are His ways. He makes the crooked paths straight and brings up the lowly from the dunghill. Oh, praise the Lord! Sing His praise. Shout His praise. Clap your hands and leap joyfully in a dance of thanksgiving!" (01/02/2020)

Oh, Lord, it is my great honor and privilege to give You the praise You deserve. You fill Your children, You fill me, with great joy. Continue to open our understanding of who You are and draw us ever closer by Your Holy Spirit. Amen.

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