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  • Stephanie Hanouw

God's Grief

Perfect communion with God was broken.

"When the world was created, the heavenly hosts bowed in awe and adoration before your mighty God. Praise was abundant. Those things created were pure and fresh - perfect in every way. But, the enemy came in to kill, steal, and destroy. Perfect communion with Your Lord was broken. No longer did purity and perfection prevail upon the earth."

"Death took hold of all living things. Sorrow and pain entered the life of mankind. It was the end of an era of unbroken communion with Me. My heart was grieved by that which lay in wait for those I created for fellowship with Me. Instead of perfection, sorrow and evil and death awaited My treasured creation."

"I created another people to bestow My goodness upon, to walk in fellowship with Me. But, they did not recognize My goodness toward them. They turned away from Me and once again, the perfect communion and the blessings I had planned for My special people were destroyed by evil, sin and death."

"Then I sent My son - My only son - to atone for the sin and the evil. He left heaven to come humbly to earth to restore communication and relationship with mankind who I created for My pleasure to bless and walk among them. They, also, had a choice to receive My love and blessing. Some chose to accept My son and Me. Then, we were rejected again, but to those who chose to believe, I gave the right to become the children of God and to receive eternal life with Me."

"Jesus, My son, died and rose again praying the debt for sin and gaining back the keys to eternal life. Death He defeated by His obedience and suffering. Soon the day of His return will dawn. I will gather Mine to Myself and restore eternal, unbroken communion with Me. Those who yet turn and have turned away from My son, will suffer the sorrow and pain of death."

"The day comes quickly. Be ready. I [God] will see you soon." (05/15/2020)

I asked the Lord, "While I have your ear, Lord, and you have mine, what else do you want to bring to pass at this meeting?" He poured out His loving heart in the message above. It was heavy over those who chose to distance themselves from Him and His saving grace. Are you more distant now than in the past? God has made a way for you to return to unbroken communication with Him. Draw close - even right now. He waits with great anticipation.

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