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  • Stephanie Hanouw

God Says, "Call Me."

He will never turn away from your reach for His help.

" 'Upon this rock I will build My church.' I said that to Peter. Keep attuned to My voice. Sometimes the meaning of My message may be lost to you in the moment, but keep listening and keep believing. The message IN My message will slowly reveal itself. Suddenly, you will make the connection. Don't tarry at the questions."

"Move forward in My footsteps. Follow Me. Work My works. All is rooted in love. Love your neighbor. Love the stranger. Love your family. Loving will never lead you astray. Trust Me to keep you on the correct path of love. Trust Me to guide you. KNOW that I guide your every step. Fear and doubt will cause you to reject, to question, then divert from the path of love which I have called you to."

"Listen and trust Me. Learn My voice. Know My voice. Trust My voice. Sometimes you will not see nor will you understand. Trust and obey. Listen and hear. I do not send you out alone. I am always with you. Take My hand when you feel the going is to too hard. I will never refuse your reach for My help. I long for you to be aware of My presence moment by moment. I am not a God that keeps you at arm's length."

"Call upon Me and I will answer you. I desire close fellowship and communion with My own. Call to Me and I will answer. Listen for My voice. I love you. Go forward unafraid and trusting. My love for you is never ending. Call, I say." (12/03/2019)

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