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  • Stephanie Hanouw

Heartfelt Moment of Prayerful Musing

Sometimes one has to speak their desires out loud!

I pray that the Lord would let me play a part as He goes about making Himself famous. It's not that I want any of His glory. I just want to be near Him as He moves - to be His great cheerleader and to learn better how to be His ambassador when needed.

I want to be a hungry, attentive apprentice. They watch and learn well. Even as an ambassador or apprentice, He is always present. He has to be for any good to come forth from me or any of His children. When He sends us out, it can't be in lieu of Himself because He has to be present for us to do anything on His behalf. He sends us out, not away! He sends us out with Himself not away from Himself! "...without Me you can do nothing" (John 15:5b) and "...I am with you always - even unto the end of the world...", (Matthew 28:20) and "...My presence will go with you..." (Exodus 33:14a).

Thank you, Lord. That brings me joy and confidence which I would otherwise not have! (12/02/2018)

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