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  • Stephanie Hanouw

His Presence in the Storm

"He alone is able to bring your solution into view."

"In the middle of a dark stormy night, the Lord stands with arms outstretched and hands reaching to offer solace and refuge to the hurting and hungry ones. Come! Come and partake of the Lord's goodness and love. He is ready and waiting to help and to save."

"No matter the problem, His presence is sufficient. Reach for Him; He is there - right where you need Him. Know it! He is faithful. Snuggle up close and let His peace give you rest. Breath deeply taking in the sweet fragrance of His love. Let His peace settle into your heart and give you rest."

"He alone is able to bring your solution into view. Trust His heart. Trust His desire to stand beside and strengthen you. His compassion and mercy are beyond human ability to understand. You can not understand it, so simply reach out and trust. He. is. there." (04/26/2018)

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