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  • Stephanie Hanouw

His Righteousness

"As He dwells in you, His righteousness works through you."

"Take on My yoke of righteousness. Turn away from the desires of the flesh and walk in holiness before your God. The Holy Spirit is you helper. He is always near. Always available. Call upon Him while He may be found. He waits, longing to walk along beside you and meet the need - every need."

"Righteousness dwells in Him. As He dwells in you, His righteousness works through you. Make way for His presence to impact those around you. Humble yourself and see His light shine through you."

"The time will come when great darkness will prevail and attempt to extinguish His light. The light of righteousness will never be quenched. Be diligent to keep your focus on the truth. Cling to it with great determination. Although the flesh is temporal, the Holy Spirit is eternal. He is your helper, your light, your life! Stay connected to Him and walk in victory!" (05/24/2018)

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