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  • Stephanie Hanouw

Lay Your Burdens Down!

"My ways are life-giving."

Jesus said, "My sheep hear My voice..." John 10:27

"Many are the cares of the righteous; but I, your Lord, have said to lay your burdens on Me. I will carry them. I am able. There is nothing too hard for Me. Take Me at My word. Lay your burdens down! I alone am able to lift and carry them without consequence. Trust Me in this."

"Nothing is too menial or too important for My love to handle. You are but flesh and bone. The weight of the world's matters are too much for you - too heavy to bear. I hung on the cross. Can anything be more weighty than carrying the sins of the world? Don't hesitate to bring your burdens to the cross, laying them at My feet, then leaving them there for Me to conquer. I am able. I am willing. Leave it to Me as a child would leave a tangled skein to a loving parent who methodically and patiently works out the knots, twists, and tangled pieces while the child attends to other matters that bring pleasure or adventure."

"You were not created to toil tirelessly over many burdens. My word encourages you to come to Me with your burdens. 'Come all you who are weary and heavy laden and I will give you rest'. There is no need to wait until you are weary and heavy laden. Come at that very first moment. It is pride that says that 'I must' or 'I can' take care of this thing or that. Come to Me. I will give you instruction and the necessary next steps. Have I not proven My love sufficiently for you to trust Me?"

"I long to serve you. I leave no need untouched. I am able. Do not continue to weigh yourself down with the cares of this world. Turn to Me, your Lord and Savior. Make the most of the covenant that I have made with you. Live in My fullness. Love as your Heavenly Father commanded you. Spread the joy of relationship with Me to all you meet. My ways are not grievous - they are life-giving. Joy in the journey because I have made all provision for you. You are My delight. Walk in My truth and love and therein overcome. You are My beloved child and I am pleased with you." (10/25/2017)

Stop for a moment and consider the weighty things you are carrying. Can you lay those at the foot of the cross and allow Jesus to conquer them?

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