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  • Stephanie Hanouw


Keep the faith. Keep close. I am there.

"Early in the morning when the dew rests on the grass, I am there. When the sun sets and night falls, I am there. Always, I am present with you. Never doubt My presence. When you wake up in the morning or lay your head to rest, I am there - aware of all that has to do with you."

"I am the one who makes all things possible - even the little things! Don't despair. Don't stress over things beyond your control. Make adjustments where you can and leave the rest to Me. You must trust Me with the large and the small things. Over and over, I step in on your behalf. You don't realize it, but I am there, turning My hand in your affairs. NOTHING is circumstantial. I know all that goes on."

"Keep the faith. It is the key to you overcoming the obstacles you find before you. You are Mine and I am on your side, but you must know and embrace this truth. It is My truth. I love you and have marvelous plans for you. Take My hand, and trust me. Make Me your first go to for all things that come up to hinder the smooth flow of communion between us."

"Keep close to me. The time has almost come when staggering things will unfold before your very eyes. Make it your primary effort to learn of Me. Meet with Me, and draw in close. Watch out for the enemy! His promotion of fear will keep you from accomplishing the assignments I give you. Just trust and obey, for there's no other way. My face shines upon you, and My grace rests on you. Go forward unafraid. I am by your side." (12/04/2019)

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