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  • Stephanie Hanouw

Passing the Test

Trust the Lord and overcome the temper's attacks.

"Oh, my child, you are worthy of praise. You took the hit and came out believing My word. You passed the test. You overcame the tempter. His methods are subtle and deceptive. Keep close to My word. Know it well. Keep its wisdom and guidance always at the ready. I watch over My own."

"Some things are taught while you are actually experiencing the lesson. Walk close to Me. I will lead you to victory. Refuse the lies of the enemy, and keep My words hidden in your heart, ready to defend yourself against your subtle enemy."

"I am always with you to redeem and save. Call upon Me for the help you need. I am with you. Take your shield of faith and conquer the deceiver. I am for you. I am on your side. I take the wrong and make it right. I am with you. I love you." (09/28/2020)

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