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  • Stephanie Hanouw


"My grace is sufficient!"

Do you have a word for us, Lord?

"My grace is sufficient for you. No man has reached perfection. There will always be a degree of shortfall in the lives of My people. I KNOW that. You must ACCEPT that."

"David, a man after my own heart, was not perfect. He had times of falling short of trust in Me, but he continued to honor Me and seek My presence. His love for Me never failed. So you, also, must continue to honor Me and seek My presence. I will help you. My love for you makes the difference. I am for you not against you."

"The devil is against you. He seeks to kill, steal, and destroy the impact and authority that I have made available to you. Beware. Guard your heart. Guard your mind. His methods are subtle and evil. Do not be snared by his devious ways. Draw ever closer to Me. He will not follow you. He will wait until you move away from Me. Stay close. Safe and secure."

"I am Lord of Lords and King of Kings. I have your affairs in My hands. The shortfall that all will experience at some point is covered by the blood of Jesus. Do not fret. Pray. Draw closer to Me moment by moment. I love you, Child. Call upon Me in your time of trouble or shortfall. I will help you. I have spoken." (10/13/2023)

Maybe this word is for me alone. I have a significant amount of shortfall and it seems to happen more frequently than I would like. But, my heavenly Father tells me to expect it to happen and states He knows that it will. He assures me ( and you) that His grace will cover it. Thankfully, we can't fall so short that He can't reach out and creatively work that shortfall to our good. I am thankful, Lord!!!!!

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