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  • Stephanie Hanouw

Simply Trust!

Watch for wonders to unfold!

"When I tell you, 'It is time', you must move. Timing is crucial. Do not fear. Don't hold back; I am with you. Take My hand and move forward - advance. You will see the goodness and the salvation of the Lord. I am able to affect all things and people to accomplish My will. Again I say, 'Do not fear!''

I am with you to the accomplishing of My will. I will lead you if you take My hand and follow Me. Don't try to figure out My ways; you are not able. My thoughts and ways are above and beyond your ability to understand. Trust instead! Simply trust. Such wonders await you, await all who will trust and obey. Make My joy complete by trusting your loving Lord. I have spoken! (03/15/2021)

If you are like me, you may be wondering if you'll realize when He says, "It is time." That, my friend, is unbelief. He will not let us miss something which is that important. He will make sure you and I know. We must remember to trust.

Then the thought comes, "Time for WHAT?" He will reveal it when the time comes. If we know ahead of time, He knows we'll plan, rehearse, and try to orchestrate the perfect outcome from a finite mindset. Remember, He will make the "what" and the "when" abundantly clear when necessary. We need to SIMPLY TRUST. It's a choice.

As the time of His return draws nearer and nearer, His two main messages are still TRUST ME and DRAW NEARER TO ME. Are you trusting more and more while drawing nearer and nearer every day? We don't know the time of His return, but He has been clear about it being soon. Let's redeem the time we have left for things that will last.

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