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  • Stephanie Hanouw

Specialized Assignments

"Keep a positive mindset."

Jesus said, "My sheep hear My voice..." John 10:27

"Take My hand and walk with Me. Know that My love longs to reach out and touch your life. Open your heart to receive the love that I offer. Many are the ways of My 'reaching out'. My creative ways make the difference in your life. You see. You hear. You know the sound of My voice. Soon it will be so familiar that you will not question at all. You will just know. You will be confident to act on My directives."

"Keep a positive mindset. I am a good father. I take all things into consideration. My assignments are not too hard. Each assignment is perfectly suited to each child of Mine. You may be surprised. You may be uncomfortable, but you will not be overwhelmed if you put your trust in Me and know that I provide what's needed for you to accomplish that which I have appointed to you. The key is trusting Me and My provision."

"Speak to yourself of My faithfulness. When I entrust an assignment to you, I do not leave you to the mercy of circumstances. Encourage yourself in the Lord. Remember My past faithfulness, and take the authority given to you by My son's death on the cross. You go in My stead. I delight to partner with My loved ones. Both of us rejoice in seeing the Kingdom of God welcome another soul into that eternal bliss of fellowship with the Savior."

"Rejoice, Child! You are loved. You are used for the Father's purposes. You are important to those whose paths you intersect! Rejoice. The Father's heart delights in you. Rejoice! (08/02/2019)

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