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  • Stephanie Hanouw

The Presence of the Lord

"Are you ready to step out in faith?"

As I awoke, even before placing my feet on the floor, I had an awareness of the presence of the Lord. What's on Your heart this moment? I asked.

"You. You, My child. My love for you knows no bounds. Wonders await you, marvelous things - hard for you to even imagine."

"Do you trust Me? Are you willing to put all your weight into relying on Me to be true to My word? I am the way, the truth, and the life. Only your ability to trust Me to the uttermost will reveal the wonderful plans that I have for you."

"Are you ready to step out in faith? Can you see the potential for miraculous happenings as We partner together, you and I? Can you take on the mindset of expectancy? Can you trust Me to work in you the purposes of My kingdom? Can you let go of your agendas and focus your efforts on Mine?"

"Unthought of, unexpected, unimaginable things lie along your path with Me. Take Me at My word. Trust My word to accomplish its mission. You are My servant. I am using you in My kingdom purposes. The time is coming soon. Realign your focus to the plans to which I have called you. Trust Me. Carry out your part; then stand back to see the wonders I have wrought [brought to pass]."

"I love you. I have spoken. In Me there is no darkness - only light. Work while the light is available. The time comes when no one can work the works of righteousness." (08/30/2022)

If the Lord leads you to this message, I am sure that He means it for you, too. If this word is for you, be sure to pray into the questions He asks. Can you...? Will you...? Let Him know your answers to the questions He has asked. He's made it clearly known that this is a season of "new things". Very likely that includes both you and me and so many others!

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