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  • Stephanie Hanouw

The Right Time

"Orchestrated perfectly."

"At the right time. At the right time I will even move heaven and earth to accomplish My purposes. Nothing can hinder My purposes from coming to pass when the set time has come - when the time is right."

"My children fret and worry needlessly about too many things. I have asked that you trust Me. I have commanded My children to trust and not fear. Fear leads to fret and worry. I have called you to joy! Fretting and worry steal your joy. Trace to the root of your fear and worry; then, give that issue into My willing, capable hands. Only I can handle the issues in such a way that assures My purposes are served."

"Don't carry that which I, alone, must carry. You were not made for that burden. Leave it to Me. Let it go! Give it to Me. I am able and willing. Make it a point to lighten your load. Travel to your destiny lighthearted and joyful. It will make a lasting impression upon the lives you intersect. I have spoken. Trust Me. (12/27/2023)

Do you have more to say, Lord?

"Open your heart. My love can not flow out of a closed heart."

How do I open my heart, Lord? I thought it was open.

"Give it all to Me. Open every room to My presence. As MY light and love full up every part, you will find it impossible to contain their presence. A powerful flow will begin to take place - so powerful it will be life-altering! Not just for you but for those who are touched by the flow of My love and light pouring out of you."

Lord, it seems too wonderful to be true. I feel no confidence in being able to bring this about.

"It is not your job to bring it about. It is the work of My Holy Spirit. You are simply to cooperate with the move of My Holy Spirit. You are able [to cooperate]. It is a choice. Ask Me to take your hand when you feel a struggle. I will make you aware of My Comforter's presence to sustain and encourage you. Call on Me in your day of trouble and I will help you. The time approaches when the struggles of My children will be over. Use the remaining time wisely. Rejoice. Follow the lead of My Holy Spirit. Trust. Do not fret and worry. I am with you always - even to the end of the age."

Thank you, Lord.

"I love you, Child." (12/27/2023)

Just so you know, I took the time to touch base with the Lord before going to bed. It had been a long, full day, but I wanted to let Him know that I was thankful for His presence with me. He is always faithful to be waiting for our arrival with open arms and something special for us. Isn't it that giving of something special (a hug, a smile, a gift, a good word) that brings our children back into our presence? The above message was the "something special" He had for me.

If you wonder about the above dialogue, it boggles my mind, too. I assure you it is a total leap of faith. Jesus' said, "My sheep hear My voice..." (John 10:27) He intended for us to have communion/conversation with Him. It is naturally supernatural (to repeat an often used phrase by Sid Roth). I suppose the key is to know the difference between "self" and "Holy Spirit". That part, too, is a leap of faith. One must believe and trust at a level that may be altogether new and scary. As one leans into the promptings, taking steps of faith , it becomes easier to discern the difference. Please, take away from this message the blessing meant for you.

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