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  • Stephanie Hanouw

Trust is Key

"Trust Me enough to take steps of faith."

"My times are not your times. My days are not your days. Your windows of opportunity are not always from My supply. You must listen. You must discern. The time is coming when you will need keen discernment. You will need to exercise and apply what I have taught you in the meetings we have shared."

"Learn from Me. I have taught you much and have yet more to teach you. Learn well, obey well, and love well. Love is My signature - the hallmark of My touch. You are My servant and I am using you. You may not see it, but I arrange your influential opportunities. My plans carry on whether you see or realize them or you don't."

"Trust. Trust is key. Learn to trust Me. Trust Me enough to take steps of faith. Even as you trust Me and step into the new and unknown, I am there. You are My tool. Will you let Me use you in My way? Will you be thankful for the way I use you? Humble yourself and step into the unknown being full of faith in Me."

"Will I allow My plan to return void? Will I let you falter and fail? Failure results only if you serve fear instead of faith and love. Don't doubt. Fear hides in your doubts - subtle and sinister - waiting to mislead you and throw you off mission. Like Peter, you must keep your focus on Me or doubting and fear will cause you to fail."

"I love you. Trust Me. I am worthy of your trust. I earned it on the cross. Remember that about My sacrifice on the cross. There was a reason for My pain and suffering. I faithfully won the victory. Follow My example to the victory. I saw it through to the beginning of a new day, a new way." (03/04/2018)

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