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  • Stephanie Hanouw

Waiting With Great Expectation

"Take heart in the promise of My return."

"Make haste. The ring on your finger is a symbol of eternity. It has no beginning and has no end. My kingdom is like that - no beginning and no end. It is filled with My family members. Members who wait patiently for My return. Soon I will come and fulfill all that I have promised."

"I am coming in power and love and dominion. You are part of My kingdom - like a beautiful ring on My finger. Oh, the joy you will have the nearer I come. Take heart in the promise of My return. Let joy fill your heart. Go about that to which I have called you with a joyful heart."

"I come quickly and My reward is with Me. Wait for it. Long for it. Watch for it with great expectation. Your expectation can never be greater than the revealing of My presence. You can not expect too much. How great will be My appearing! Expect great things. You will not be disappointed. I come as it is written of Me. Wait with a heart filled with joy. I am coming soon. Make haste to ready yourself, your world, your sphere of influence." (11/15/2018)

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