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  • Stephanie Hanouw

Where Do You Get Your Answers?

Only God has the answers to mankind's dilemas.

"All the sages of the world, combined, are not able to come up with the solutions necessary to address the problems facing each individual alive today. Only I have the answers to man's dilemas. Do they turn to Me for instruction and direction? Do they see My guiding hand in their affairs? Not many do. They don't ask My counsel and they do not see My hand moving."

"Learn of Me. Draw close and enter into covenant with Me. I keep covenant. You are Mine and I am yours. Take the counsel I give you and follow it explicitly. I know. I am at your back to make all things work together for good. You do not need to worry IF you follow Me. There is rest in following Me. You do not need to know every answer if you trust Me and know that your life is in My capable hands. I am able to save and guide to the uttermost. You must trust Me. Follow My lead while trusting My heart to do good to you. (09/20/2018)

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