~ About the Messages ~


     It is hard to believe.  I will admit it.  The God of the universe speaking to common members of His creation, His family?  It seems presumptuous, maybe even preposterous, but Jesus said it, not me!  "My sheep hear My voice..."  It is both mindboggling and thrilling and I don't claim to have all the answers.  He asked me to trust Him; so, I trust.


     Most times the Lord communicates His heart directly in the first person.  Other times, it seems as though He speaks about Himself and communicates His message from a third-person viewpoint. Sometimes, He initiates the message and sometimes I ask what is on His heart.  Then I wait and listen.  I have tried to leave His words as they come to me unless the wording confuses the intent of the message. 


   Since I am a "King James" reader, you may get a feel of that from the wording of the messages offered.  I have made concerted efforts to scribe His messages with the words I "hear".  Sometimes He gives an image and I must decide the best way to convey His intent.


     You will find some messages heavy, arising from the deepest parts of His great heart.  Others are lighter and meant simply to inspire, to shed abroad His unfailing love.  Each one showcases His loving, encouraging, inviting, and inspiring nature.   


     These rich treasures have rested within my journals for a very long time, but I think now is the season to share them.  At every review, they thrill and refresh me anew.  I shouldn't keep these precious nuggets of his love and encouragement all to myself.  The rest of the flock needs to hear them, too.


   I have prayed for each one reading His messages that you, too, would recognize His voice and know when they are for you.  I have prayed for a witness within your spirit that says, "That really is the Lord and this message is for me!" 


     Joyfully receive the messages He intends for you.  When it's yours, grab it and hold it close.  He is faithful even though His timetable is not like ours.  Sometimes we must wait for fulfillment.  Try to glean from the offering.


    No matter what, He is sharing Himself with you and me.  Be blessed as you encounter His transparency.  He loves you beyond measure!


     Lastly, if you wonder or question what you read, please ask Him.  I can assure you that He wants to help you understand and to answer your question.  Ask and expect a response of His choosing.







~About Stephanie ~ 


     I am simply a sheep in the pasture of the Good Shepherd. When I am listening, I hear Him speak.  I am humbled and honored - and amazed!


     In 1977, as I prayed, "The Lord is my Shepherd", the weight of sin lifted off and I entered the Kingdom of God.  Upon uttering those words, I became one of Jesus' sheep - a member of His beloved flock. 


     I am forever grateful.  He has cared for me ever since with a meticulous, loving tenderness that amazes me regularly!  


     Little did I know that years later He would reveal to me the fact that I was hearing His gentle voice.  He has given me ears to hear, the inclination to trust Him, and the guidance to record His words that are now here in "What His Sheep Heard".


     Do I ever wonder if it is me or Him?  Absolutely!  In times of doubt, I'm inspired to continue writing.  He is good to send confirmations of His creative choosing and, as amazing as it sounds, with the confirmations, the doubts relent.  I have come to recognize His voice.  If you have questions, ask Him.  I know He will respond.  Just read the Bible, watch, and listen.


     I have prayed for everyone whom He leads to the messages herein.  May you recognize, receive, and rejoice in those He has offered just for you.


     If you are reading His words for the first time and you haven't yet made Him Lord of your life, I encourage you to take a chance on Him!  I guarantee that when you ask for His forgiveness and sincerely surrender, you will find love and joy unspeakable. Glorious, eternal adventures with the very one who created the universe will be yours!  Think about it!  Life can't get better than that, my friend.


     Remember: Jesus said, "My sheep hear My voice..." John 10:27  


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