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~ About Stephanie ~


     I am simply a sheep in the pasture of the Good Shepherd.  I recognize His quiet, gentle voice.  I hear Him when He speaks - if and when I'm listening.


     I have kept His words to myself for quite a long time (years, in fact) but I sense now is the time to share them.  Others of His flock need to read His loving, encouraging, inviting, and inspiring words as well.  He invites us all to draw closer to Him day by day.  He waits with open arms.


     Do I ever wonder whether it was "Him or me"?  You bet I do!


     When I have doubts, I push through and continue to record what I sense Him communicating.  He is good to bring a confirmation - of His creative choosing. I am thankful and relieved.  I find myself shaking my head, awed again!   As amazing as it sounds, the doubts then relent.  This repeating scenario builds my faith and increases my ability to recognize His voice.


      I have prayed for everyone that He leads to the messages herein.  May you recognize, receive, and rejoice in those He offers to you.


      If you are reading these messages and you haven't yet made Him Lord of your life, I encourage you to take a chance on Him!  I guarantee, based on Romans 10:13, that when you sincerely ask Jesus for His forgiveness and genuinely surrender to Him, you will find love and joy unspeakable. Glorious, eternal adventures with the very one who created the universe will be yours!  Think about it!  Life can't get better than that, my friend.


      Remember: Jesus said, "My sheep hear My voice..." John 10:27  









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