Heading 6
  • Stephanie Hanouw

Lord, what's on Your heart today?

Jesus said, "My sheep hear My voice..." John 10:27

"My children. The great love that I have for My children is filling My heart. There is no way for you to know the depth of My love for you this side of the veil. Think of your human love for those closest to you. It doesn't even come close to My love for you. You can only imagine it, and that result is far from the immensity of my love."

"Can you tell the way of an eagle? Can you see to the depths of the ocean? What wonders they hold! My love is wonderful and past your ability to comprehend. What I have prepared for you is beyond your understanding while you are in this moral body that carries you through your days. When that flesh has gone the way of the grave, and you are free, then you will know the true depth of My great love for you, for My children."

"Until then, you have a purpose. I have the plan. Draw ever closer to Me, because you know not the time I will call you home. Be about your Father's business until that time. Learn to know My voice and My promptings, and be diligent to follow and obey."

"I love you, My child. You are Mine. I am for you, not against you. Hold fast to My hand. Stay in contact with Me. Only then will you know - in part - the depth of My love for you. I have spoken." (07/21/2022)

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  • Stephanie Hanouw

Keep your focus on your God.

"I love you, My child. Make no room for the lies of your enemy to take up residence in your heart or mind. MY words are truth. Hang onto them diligently. Don't let them go from your grasp. Your enemy comes to kill, steal, and destroy. Beware! He is a formidable enemy even though he is defeated. His efforts are stealthy and will catch you off guard if you don't stay alert to his methods."

"Keep your focus on Me. Stay connected to your King and Savior. You are My child. I am well aware of all that concerns you in every area of your life. You have a destiny to fulfill. Stay in touch with Me. You will find in Me your hope and your salvation. My love covers you. Realize this daily, and you will see the victories you desire. I love you, Child. You are the apple of My eye. Trust Me to walk beside you into victory!" (07/20/2022)

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  • Stephanie Hanouw

The Lord's return is nearer than ever before!

Oh, Father...

"Pick up the newspaper and see the news. The signs are all around you. It isn't coincidence. It truly reflects the signs of the times. I am coming soon. My Word is true. It is accurate. Many will not heed the warnings I have given and will be taken by surprise at My return. Will this be you? Do you take My words of warning seriously? Do you really realize the soon return of your Lord is near and imminent?"

"I am calling My beloved ones to draw close to Me, to prepare for the arrival of their groom, the soon coming King of Kings and Lord of Lords. Look up! Your redemption draws near. I am coming soon. It may seem that things will continue on as they have been for hundreds of years. Remember Noah's day. Life continued as usual while Noah prepared his boat of redemption. The people only had Noah's project to make them either question or prepare. You have My word."

"I urge you to take heed. Believe. Prepare. Look up. Draw near. Be ready for the soon return of your Lord and King. A remnant shall be saved. Are you grafted into the vine of life? My child, I love you. Don't hesitate to make ready for My soon return. I love you. I have spoken. Prioritize your focus. First things first. Draw near with a true heart. I truly am coming back soon. Will you be waiting, expectant, with your lamp full?"

Lord, I sense You have more to say. What is it, Lord?

"In light of My soon return, I'm calling you into your destiny. You are not a spectator created to watch My word take place around you. No! You are called to play your part, to partner with Me, and spread the word of My soon return. You were created on purpose for My purposes. You are perfectly suited to that for which I have called you. Even though you may not see it, I have placed all you need within you. Trust Me. As you step out in faith, you will see it ever more clearly."

"We are a team. You never work alone. I am with you always - leading, guiding, encouraging. Go forward unafraid, trusting, and partnering with Me. I am the Way, the Truth, and your Life. Amen. (06/03/2022)

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