Heading 6
  • Stephanie Hanouw

The Lord is our constant companion.

"Keep your eyes focused on Me. I am by your side every moment of every day. I love you. I am for you. My plans for you are not complete yet. There is still more that I have called you to. Don't fret. My ways are sure but often a mystery to My children."

"You must trust. Trust Me with even the smallest details. I am well able to manage all the pieces that make up your life. I keep those pieces in the palm of My hand. There, they are safe and secure, ready to be placed into a perfect fit at the perfect time. Leave the placement and the timing to Me. Look at all I have orchestrated throughout the ages. Am I not ale to handle your affairs, concerns, and issues? I am well able."

"You must trust, obey, and leave the outcome to Me. Receive the joy your Lord offers. I will carry the heavy load and burdens that weigh you down and hinder your forward momentum. You miss so much joy burdened down by cares and worries that I have not asked you to carry. Lighten up and enjoy the journey. That is valid counsel."

"I love you. Trust Me to bring you to your destiny by the right way at the right time. I am able; you are not. You are safe in My hands! (06/21/2021)

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  • Stephanie Hanouw

The disciples grew to love Jesus more by daily spending time with Him.

" Hear Me when I say, 'I love you'. You are the apple of My eye - a treasure to Me. I delight in the company of your presence with Me. Make time; make the effort to come into My presence. It is a place of joy, peace, love, and understanding. As you spend time with Me, in My presence, focusing on Me, you will understand the ways of your Lord better and better. Your trust in Me will grow and mature."

"Do you marvel at that truth? Think of My disciples who grew to trust Me to the uttermost simply by walking with Me daily, listening to My words as I taught those hungry to learn. Let that same hunger to learn of Me motivate you to draw near - nearer each day until there comes a oneness of purpose. Keep coming into My presence. Hear My heart as you press in. Learn of Me and follow My lead - the example I have set for you."

"As of yet, you do not understand the depth of love I have for you. Man's love so seldom resembles MY love. My love is pure, unadulterated, constant, and sure. It is forever and covers a multitude of your sins. Who else can show you and offer you such great love? I am love! Receive Me fully to receive My love fully. I am for you not against you. My love is patient and kind beckoning you to come ever closer. Come. Receive. Humble yourself. Marvel at the goodness of your mighty God." (06/09/2021)

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  • Stephanie Hanouw

Believe it and embrace it.

"As the sun rises and the moon sets, so My love for you is perpetual - it follows an ongoing pattern that you can rely on. It will never change. On and on it goes - for eternity!"

"I am your Abba, Father. My love for My children is endless. Nothing can ever separate you from My love. Nothing in life, nothing in death, nothing man-inspired or contrived. Once you are Mine and I am yours, our covenant is forever. There resides a bond that cannot be broken or separated. Rest in this truth. Let the security of My love flood you with the peace I give that surpasses ALL understanding."

"Keep your eyes on Me. I will lead you in the way everlasting. We shall arrive at your destiny together, hand in hand. Trust your almighty Lord to lead you well. I know the way you should go. I know the means by which you should arrive. I have orchestrated every path, every lovely thing along that path, and every obstacle which only serves to make you more like Me."

"Trust Me with your life and times. I am a good father, a good creator, and I love My creation. Draw close. Keep in step with Me. Trust Me as I lead you from My heart of love, as we journey to your destiny. It is a delightful journey for both of us. Whether the sun is shining or clouds are blocking its light, the journey continues. The joy continues. Perfect submission to My plan brings great joy to us both."

"Ah, trust your Lord as a blind man would trust his guide. Test My abilities. You will see I am able and willing to lead you to that place of perfect peace. I love you, Child. I love you. (05/23/2021)

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