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  • Stephanie Hanouw

Your are safe in His presence.

"When in your quiet times with the Most High, take the guard from your heart. I am a safe place to be vulnerable. I welcome you to come even in times of doubt, confusion, frustration, and pain. I am your safe place - your refuge."

"You need not pretend with Me. I see into the deepest, most secret places of your heart. I see YOU. Remove your guard. In the world your guard is necessary; in My secret place it isn't needed and has no power anyway. Lay your heart before Me trusting that I treat it as the treasure it is."

"Do not fear when you are in My presence. Snuggle in close to Me. Feel My touch. Know My fragrance. Breath in My love. Receive ALL the blessings of My presence: peace, joy, rest, love, understanding. You are My joy, Child; you are My delight. Draw close. Draw closer."

"I am delighted that you have accepted My invitation. Absorb My goodness, and carry back into your world [sphere of influence] the blessings I pour forth upon you. Share them with all you meet. Your supply is never ending. I am the Alpha and Omega - the Beginning and the End - the middle. I am all in all!" (02/12/2021)

The next time that you are spending some alone time with the Lord, check your heart. Is it unguarded? Really? Do you let the tears flow? Do you tell Him about the things that cause you doubt and frustration? He looks past all the things people consider to be objectionable and sees YOU. Rejoice! Freedom peace await you.

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  • Stephanie Hanouw

"I am your life-line."

Jesus said, "My sheep hear My voice..." John 10:27

"Keep up your efforts to make time to spend with Me. I am your life-line. I am the one who opens doors for you. I make things possible when you move in accordance with My plans, My agenda. Doors open at My command. You can not strike out on your own and expect doors to open that I have closed. Keep close to Me and you will see more clearly where I am leading you."

"Take heart, My Child, not all days are a drudgery. There are rewarding, beautiful days ahead filled with love and light and blessing. Remember, joy comes in the morning. There may be days of trials and sorrows, but My joy comes. It always comes. Welcome it with open arms."

"Let My peace rule and reign in your heart - that peace abides in My presence. Seek Me. Seek Me. Pursue the quiet, peaceful times with Me. I am your source of life. Abide in Me allowing Me to abide in you as well. Walk with Me through your day. Keep your focus on Me. Again, I say, 'Abide in Me.' I am your life-line. I love you. You are mine. Nothing can take you from the security of the palm of My hand. Come, Child, abide in Me. (02/11/2021)

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  • Stephanie Hanouw

"Make Me the center of all you do. Don't hesitate to bring ALL decisions and "next steps" to My throne-room. Keep connected to the flow of My will for you. Try Me. See if I will not keep My word to you. I am faithful, dependable, and true. You can safely put your trust in Me. I am able! Nothing you can bring before Me will affect My ability to work out a perfect solution, but you will need to trust Me beyond your ability to understand."

"I wait patiently for My children to tap into My goodness. Are you withdrawing My goodness to apply it to your life and circumstances? Take heed to employ that which I offer you. You are My beloved child. All I offer you is from My heart of love. Do not waste that which I provide for you. The price paid was a great price. Embrace My love and the good I provide for you. I love you, My Child, I love you. Ask Me to give you a greater understanding of My love for you."

At this point, it seemed the Lord was finished communicating with me, but I had a nagging feeling that there might be more. I asked, "Lord, do you have to say?" His response surprised me, but I continued to listen and write in spite of the unexpected first words.

"Keep your cool. I have everything, everything - personally and politically - under My control. That which is committed to Me can not escape My will for it. Rest in this fact. It is truth - undeniable truth. Don't fret. I have told you before; it is wasted energy. Take My hand and hold tightly. I will bring you through to the victory."

"You must trust. Trust My ability to see you through. Do not strike out on your own. Keep yoked to Me. I am for you. A crowd of witnesses is cheering you on to your personal victory. Press on. I will make sure you achieve the goal I have set for you. Step by step. Day by day. Keep on keeping on. You will accomplish it if you don't grow weary and give up."

"Don't give up on Me! I never fail. See your issues through My eyes and you will understand better. I make the way. You can do it. I believe in you, and I am helping you through by My Holy Spirit. Believe. Have faith in Me, in yourself, and in My Holy Spirit. We are an unbeatable team. Ride out the storm. I am with you. It will be worth it all."

"Do you trust Me? Will you trust Me all the way? Faith. It is the substance of things hoped for and the evidence of things not seen [as yet]. I have spoken to you, My child." (02/06/2021)

"Keep your cool." Not something I would imagine God saying! It caused me to pause, but the challenges later in the day allowed me to utilize His command. I had to chuckle. He sees down the road and prepares those who will pay attention to His directives. Thankfully, He is no respecter of persons.

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