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 ~ About the Messages ~


     It is hard to believe.  I will admit it.  The God of the universe speaking to common members of His creation, His family?  It seems presumptuous, maybe even preposterous, but Jesus said it, not me!  It is both mindboggling and thrilling and I don't claim to have all the answers.  He asked me to trust Him; so, I trust.


    Most times, the Lord communicates His heart in the first person.  Other times, it seems as though He speaks about Himself and communicates His message from a third-person viewpoint. I have tried to leave His words as they came to me unless the intent of the message was confusing.


     The many messages He conveys are filled with words of encouragement, inspiration, love, and hope - the hallmarks of His nature.  Some are heavy and deep. Others are light; meant to simply inspire and share His love.


       Since I am a "King James" reader, you may get a feel of that from the wording of the messages offered.  I have made concerted efforts to scribe His messages with the words I "hear".  Sometimes He gives an image and I must decide the best way to convey His intent.


     I have prayed for each one reading His messages that you, too, would recognize His voice.  I have prayed for a witness within your spirit that says, "That really is the Lord and this message is for me!"  I pray you will joyfully receive the messages He intends for you.  When it's yours, grab it and hold it close.  He is faithful even though His timetable is not like ours.  Sometimes we must wait for fulfillment. 


    No matter what, He is sharing Himself with you and me.  Be blessed as you encounter His transparency and love for you.


     Lastly, if you wonder or question what you read, please ask Him.  I can assure you that He wants to help you understand and to answer your question.  Just expect a response and listen.






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