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Heading 6
  • Stephanie Hanouw

God's peace calms the storms.

"When the winds howl and the waves rise up higher and higher, threatening and scary, Your peace, Lord, spoken with authority and love overcomes the fear and chaos. Your peace calms the storms - all storms. That which awaits is subject to Your purposes in each one of Your children's lives. Your purposes wait to be called into play."

"What can we say then? If You are for us, who can be against us? Let the waves roar; let the storm menace. Let the peace of God prevail and overcome. You are our rock of redemption, our strong tower. It is the might of Your arm that rescues Your children. You give strength. You empower us to leap over a wall and run through a troop of demonic entities assigned to kill, steal, and destroy Your children before their victory. Peace. Wonderful peace is the portion of Your children." (12/20/2022)

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  • Stephanie Hanouw

Don't hold back My love and My truth.

"Open up the flood gates to allow the pouring in of My love and My truth. Don't hold them back. As you are overcome and saturated, you are better equipped to give to another. Don't limit the move of the God of the universe in your life. You need the power and the presence to accomplish that to which I have called you. Take My hand. I hold it out to you. Do not let pride steal from you. I offer solace, strength, joy, companionship. These are for ALL my followers, My children."

"Come into My presence with a believing heart. Soar on the wings of My plans accomplished. We are partners. We work together. You are My ambassador, My hands, My feet. You carry Me into a situation and work My purposes when you trust and obey. Oh the thrill of seeing a God-move in the life of one who struggles. It releases a surge of joy that not everyone can know. Only My obedient children are positioned to know this joy."

"Do not strike out on your own! Follow Me into the fields ripe for harvest. There is much work to accomplish before My soon return. The days grow darker, and as they do, the light shines brighter and is needed more than ever. Not all will welcome the light because they desire the darkness to cover their evil deeds. Do not be surprised - expect it. Don't put a damper on the light you carry. It is My light and there are those who will welcome it. Shine My light while it is available. To some it will be the difference between life and death. Offer life. I do the rest."

"Beloved, know that I am still in control. Nothing escapes My notice. My plan of the ages moves forward just as I have ordered. Take comfort in this truth. Eternal riches await those who believe and do not lose heart. I love you. I've got this. Just follow Me and obey. My ways and My will are perfect. Peace be with you. I have spoken it." (12/09/2022)

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  • Stephanie Hanouw

"Lay aside the distractions."

"Many are the ways My people try to fill the God-void in their lives. They profess Me with their lips, but they are far from Me in their heart.

Why do they hesitate to draw near?

Why do they find excuses to avoid coming in close?

My love beckons, but they do not respond. I call each of My children to draw near with a true heart, a heart that seeks true relationship with a loving heavenly Father. They do not heed My call."

"Come, I say. Lay aside those things that distract. Turn away from the promptings that turn you away from spending quality, important time with Me. Say, 'No', to those things which so easily steer you into more busyness. I urge you to draw close NOW!"

"I have told you before, darkness readily approaches when no man can work.

Come now.

Pull in close now."

"The time will come when you see the importance of your obedience in this. You are My beloved. I am jealous for you. My plans include you. You are created for true fellowship with Me. It will make all the difference. You will see. Come. My love beckons you. Lay aside those things that redirect your vision away from Me. Come, I bid you, come. I am a good father who delights in His children. I love you. Come. Come now." (12/04/2022)

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