Heading 6
  • Stephanie Hanouw

God's timing is perfect regardless of circumstances!

"Gravely, I speak to you, 'Stay alert! My return is soon. You must be ready. Keep your lamp full of the oil of My Spirit. You must be ready. Watch and pray. Keep close to Me - even closer. I am coming for a spotless bride - a bride who looks expectantly for My arrival, a bride who has prepared herself for her Love's return. She waits with anticipation, excitement, and joy.'

'Do not lose your focus or your hope. My coming may seem delayed, but My timing is perfect. Comfort yourself with this truth. My return will be right on time. Make sure you are ready even though the day to day routine continues. Watch for the signs I have given you to know when I am nearing your door. You will have no other indications of My arrival.'

'I love you, Child. My return is soon. Watch for the signs I have provided for you in My word. My words are truth. They will surely come to pass. Do not let your love grow cold. I have spoken.'" (03/16/2022)

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  • Stephanie Hanouw

All we need do is reach out and He is there.

"In the midst of it all - whether the midst of fiery trials or the midst of peaceful, calm waters, the Lord stays true to His Word. Righteous and holy, He reigns sovereign and supreme. He is able and willing, at the ready to come to the aid of those who trust in Him. He is love. He is life. He is a wellspring of blessing for those who call upon Him." (03/06/2022)

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  • Stephanie Hanouw

Have you heard your name?

"When the tide rises, you will hear Me speak your name. It is then you move in power and might according to My plan. The tide WILL rise and I will raise you up with it. Be ready!"

"Be ready. Keep close to Me. Know My word and take it to heart. Make it a point to speak it and believe it. Keep it in your heart and at the ready."

"My return is soon. The time is short. You are My servant, a tool in My hand. I will use you skillfully. Make meeting with Me and coming into My presence a priority."

"The time is short. Use it well. As deep answers to deep, I want to go deep with you. Walk with Me and trust Me to keep all of My word, all of My promises to you. I have spoken." (03/01/2022)

"When the tide rises..." What was your first though? Mine was "I don't live near the ocean. How will I know?". I Googled "tide rises" which gave the following definition: "an increase in the amount of strength of something, especially something you must oppose." Based on that definition, I could definitely see the opportunity for various scenarios of "tides rising". I think you can also think of many yourself. Be listening for your name.

was amazed! I know the time is coming and maybe is even now! Lord, make me ready!

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