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  • Stephanie Hanouw

Updated: Jan 26

Are you prepared to follow Him - even into the unknown?

"Keeping in step with Me brings success, satisfaction. Are you in step with Me?"

"I think I am, Lord." (And what about you, my reader ? How do you answer?)

"Then take My hand and go with Me into the unknown. Many marvels await the one who will go with Me boldly trusting and following alongside his and her Lord. No fear! Turn your back on it; it has no place in your walk with Me. How can you fear with Me at your side?"

"Trust and be not afraid. I am with you. Keep in step with Me and watch wonders unfold before your eyes. I am a God who is able and limited by nothing. Take My hand and follow My lead. I am able to keep you. You are the sheep of My pasture, and I am always aware of you. I love you and care for you with unlimited love and patience." (01/15/2021)

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  • Stephanie Hanouw

He desires unity within His family members.

"When I see the state of affairs of My people, My heart breaks. It breaks the heart of the Father. Holy and righteous. I have called for a holy and righteous people to be My representatives in this dark world - this world that rejects the Light that exposes their sin."

"What will you do? Will you continue to walk in unrighteousness or will you bow before the King of Kings and receive His mercy? Will you acknowledge His Lordship and humble yourself under the loving but mighty hand of God? I long for unity [among] My people - My family."

"Come together under the banner of the love of your Christ. Seek My face. I give grace for the journey through this life. Open up your heart to the plans and ways of your Lord. Follow the examples of your Lord. Make Me the focal point of your day as you journey through that day. Abide in unity with your fellow believers." (01/14/2021)

  • Stephanie Hanouw

Impress upon the people you meet the importance of the hour.

The Lord interrupted My thoughts.

"What about the ones who don't know Me?"

"What is My part, Lord?" I replied. "I can do or be whatever you call me to."

"Love them. Carry My name on your lips. Tell them I have come to set the captive free and make all things new. Be My vessel of love. Be My ambassador. Take My name and make exploits. Make My name famous. There is an urgency surrounding this directive."

"I am coming soon. They must hear. Tell them I am coming. Tell them I love them. Tell them to choose NOW. Impress upon them the importance of the hour. The time for making decisions is short. Today is the day of salvation. Choose today whom you will follow. Align under the banner of My name."

"Carry the message. Take it to the streets, the highways, and byways. Take it to the young and the old, the rich, the poor, to those who seem to have everything but peace and hope. Carry My message, My love to the world. Make Me your focus. I am your great I AM. Go in My name and I will be with you and keep you and make My face shine upon you. I have spoken and I love you. Keep the faith to the end!" (01/13/2021)

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