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Heading 6
  • Stephanie Hanouw

"My return is soon. Are you ready?"

What is on Your heart, Lord?

"Many times I call out to My children, but they don't recognize My voice. The busyness and events of the day fill their thoughts, and My voice is drowned out. My children miss the special things I have for them. They miss the wonders so common place to those who walk instep with Me."

"My return is soon. Are you ready? Is your lamp filled with oil so that if I tarry longer than you are expecting you'll still have the light needed to enter in? I am coming soon. Those who walk closely with Me will be aware of My drawing near; otherwise, there will be no warning. I urge you to draw close, closer, to your soon-coming Lord and King. Make the time. Spend the time wisely."

"Are you thinking about making a big decision? Have you inquired of My Holy Spirit? Now is the time to ask of Me the wisdom, knowledge, and insight needed in order to make the very wisest decision. I am for you not against you. I will lead you to that right, amazing place where the blessing of the Lord awaits you. Come. When you hear your name, come. I love you." (10/21/2022)

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  • Stephanie Hanouw

"I wait with open arms."

You want to say something, don't You, Lord?

"The way is open into the presence of God. Enter in. Do not hesitate. Do not vacillate. Today is the day of the open door. Do not miss the opportunity offered by your Lord. The time quickly approaches when entering in will be harder and harder. The enemy will take every chance given to blind, deceive, and redirect those who seek to surrender their lives to the King of Kings and Lord of Lords."

"I invite you to come. Come now! Come close to Me. Come to receive the riches I have to offer you: peace, love, grace, joy, wisdom, forgiveness. All these I hold in store for you. They are treasures in My kingdom. By all these the elders received a good report. They walked in blessing."

"I call you to also walk in blessing. Receive that blessing from your close walk with Me. Come. I earnestly desire for you to come and abide close to Me. I wait with open arms for My loved ones, My children, to separate themselves unto Me. Come. I bid you, come. Come while the way is open. Do not wait. The time is short. Heed My words. I have spoken." (10/07/2022)

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  • Stephanie Hanouw

Lord, what is pressing on Your heart tonight? I sense an urgency in the air.

"Joy abides in My heart tonight. Joy of redemption. My return is soon and My people will rejoice to see that day. There will be great celebrating in heaven. The righteous ones will receive their long-awaited reward. The hosts of heaven will rejoice with those who have entered into their eternal rest. Oh, the joy that awaits My children. They are welcomed to the hallowed halls of heaven. Oh, what a day that will be."

"Yet, so many have not heard the good news of what I have prepared for them. They still grope around in a darkness they aren't aware of. They don't realize the end results of their plight. They need the rescue of a Savior - a Savior they repeatedly shun."

"The field is ripe and ready for harvest. There will be a very large harvest of souls as My ambassadors and My workers move into the fields where I lead them. As My workers move into strategic positions where I assign, they will marvel at the effectiveness of their efforts. Marvel, I say! Nothing will be impossible for them as they carry out My plans. At the name of Jesus, every knee will bow and every tongue will confess My Lordship." (10/03/2022)

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