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  • Stephanie Hanouw

A New Day - Rejoice!

He will rule and reign bringing peace, love, and contentment.

"It is a new day. The sun shines, the birds sing, and the Lord of Lords sits majestically upon His royal throne. He rules and reigns over ALL the earth. He knows the hearts of men. He knows the plans of men. He laughs at the plots and plans of the wicked. He knows the outcome ahead of time. He has already determined the ultimate impact of their futile efforts. Sin may about for a time, but the Lord of Hosts has already orchestrated the outcome."

"Repent! The time of the Lord's visitation is near. His return is imminent, and He comes nearer each day. Those who are wise are drawing near to Him, nearer than ever before. They are daily adding oil to their lamps. Is your lamp filled with the oil of the Lord, prepared for His soon return? Look around you. See the signs. Spread the word: the Lord comes soon. Take up your cross and follow, obey, and rejoice as the Bridegroom approaches to receive His bride!"

"Oh, it is a new day - a day of rejoicing! It's a day to celebrate the goodness of the Lord - a day to celebrate His victorious reign. He comes swiftly with His scepter in His hand. Be ready for His arrival. Let great joy and excitement express your welcome for your King as He takes His rightful place of rule upon the earth. Oh, children, rejoice at the coming of your Lord and King. I have spoken." (02/22/2021)

I hope you are able to feel the energy and excitement within the Lord's words in His message today. A new day! Rejoice! He rules! He reigns! Does your heart thrill as you contemplate this truth? Can you imagine the day of His absolute control? A day filled with His love, peace, and contentment? He doesn't want anyone to miss out. Spread the word! Draw near! It won't be long!

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