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  • Stephanie Hanouw

A Priceless Treasure

Use every opportunity to be a source of blessing for another.

"In the multitude of My mercies, the faithful abide. I call the faithful into communion with Me. I take their sordid offerings and turn them into precious gems of My treasure. Nothing is too small or common to bring as a love gift to Me. The mere mention of My name on your lips stirs the Father-heart in Me. I respond in love and with blessing."

"You are My priceless treasure. Do not doubt that truth. The enemy will tempt you to turn your back on that truth. Have no part of his lies. Call upon the name of Jesus to conquer every temptation. Stand in the love of your Lord. Take My hand and receive My help. Victory is yours! Don't plan the look of it. Trust Me. Trust My love and desire to do good to you. I am for you. Go forward, unafraid."

"Make My plan your priority. Keep the faith. Make every opportunity a source of blessing for another. Serve your fellow man. Bring My love into play upon every life you encounter. Keep your focus on Me - on love. It is powerful. It is life changing."

"You are My servant and confidant. My love for you knows no bounds. It is the same yesterday, today, and forever. Keep My words tucked into your heart. Let them bless another life along your path. Make a difference by following My lead. It will always impact My kingdom for good, even if you don't see it immediately."

"Keep the faith. It is your shield and protector. Make every effort to provide better life for another. I rejoice in using you, My servant, to reach out as My ambassador of love and service. Keep in step with Me, and carry out My plans. Rejoice in the partnership we share. I love you." (04/22/2020)

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