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  • Stephanie Hanouw

A Two-fold Opportunity

Jesus said, "My sheep hear My voice..." John 10:27

"Make Me famous. Make Me known in all the world."

"I hold the answers to the issues of men. I shine the light on the dark places and into the hearts and minds of mankind. Keep attuned to My promptings and commandments. I will use you as you spend time with Me listening and learning. Learn from Me. Do the works I did and even greater because I am teaching you more and more as you keep tryst with Me."

"It is a two-fold opportunity: you fellowship with Me and My kingdom receives the benefits as well. Your personal growth and enrichment result, and also, community outreach endued with love and power takes place. Two-fold, necessary to bring the change that you long for."

"Don't hesitate to come into fellowship with Me. I have many things to teach you, to share with you, to explain to you. You are My child. As an earthly father longs to teach and spend time with his children, so too, I long to spend time with you and to teach you the skills you need to impact My world and My people with My love, My power, and My solutions. I am your source and solution as well as theirs."

"You can make Me famous only by sharing what you learn while spending time with Me. Learn My way. Learn My word. Keep both in your heart at the ready. I long to use you. I long to teach you. It will change your world. I love you." (01/03/2018)

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