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  • Stephanie Hanouw


Love is ever on the heart of God!

What's on Your heart today, Lord?

"Love. Love for My children and love for those who are desperate for love but don't realize that they find it in Me. I long to draw them to My heart, into My family, but they don't recognize My voice calling their name."

"They rush about working and striving not realizing the invitation to their heart's desire is ever within their reach. They go through needless pain and suffering longing for rescue, longing for the move of a Savior. They pass up the offer that I lay before them. My son Jesus took their pain and suffering, yet they insist on carrying it themselves. My heart breaks for those who have lost hope, who need the love of a Savior, who are carrying burdens they were not meant to carry."

"You are My ambassador. You are My hands and feet. You carry the hope they need - the good news of My great love and forgiveness. Share the treasure you carry within. Freely you have received, freely give. Be instant in every opportunity I provide. It isn't by chance that certain ones cross your path. It isn't a coincidence."

"I have orchestrated your life to unfold according to plans made long before your birth. You are created on purpose, for a purpose. As you partner with Me, My will is accomplished and your life brings you satisfaction and purpose. Trust Me, and ask for My purposes to be accomplished through your life. Amen." (04/27/2022)

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