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  • Stephanie Hanouw

Are You Prepared for Jesus' Return?

He is coming soon for a glorious and prepared bride.

Jesus said, "My sheep hear My voice..." John 10:27

"The sun rises. The stars shine. The whole earth declares the glory of the Lord. His majesty is declared through each of His creations - each one having its own glorious story to tell. The big. The little. The liquid. The solid. All boast about a different facet of the Lord of Lords and King of Kings."

"He is ruler of all. He makes the hinds to calve and the cedars to leap in joyful abandon. Make haste! Prepare your heart for His return. He is coming soon for a glorious and prepared bride. Make haste! Shore up your rigging. Ready the ship. The captain of your soul is approaching. The groom is coming for His bride."

"Be ready! Don't wait! There is much to be done in preparation. Make haste. Rejoice at His coming. Be glad. It is a time of preparation and celebration! The King is coming! Rejoice in the preparation. Dance! Sing! Smile! Share your joy! Grab a neighbor and invite each into the gaiety of the return of the Righteous One."

"He is Lord! He is coming! make preparation! Be ready! He comes quickly with healing in His wings. Make ready a heart of love. Welcome Him. Be ready." (03/02/2018)

It seems our loving Lord is just as excited about His soon return as He asks us to be. No matter the circumstances we face, His appearing will be a time of celebration for His children. Are you ready for to see Him face to face?

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