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  • Stephanie Hanouw

Blessed Obedience

"My love sees."

"You are serving Me in the little things you do that speak to Me of your obedience - it's the little things as well as the big things. My love sees your heart, your motivation, your desire to please your loving Heavenly Father. Quiet obedience makes a way for the Lord's approval."

"I see. I hear. I know the struggle that often thwarts your best efforts and intentions. I understand your humanness. I walked in those shoes. I know and understand your challenges. That's why I came, in order that you would know I understand and know how to help you. Come to Me for comfort and understanding. Pour out the pain into my capable hands. Let My nearness bring you comfort and solutions."

"I walk by your side. Take My hand and follow My lead. I am your Way-maker, your Strong Tower, your Secure Place. I am your source and satisfaction. Come unto Me all you who are burdened and overwhelmed and find a safe place to rest - in Me. I love you and welcome you always with open arms. I have spoken." (07/27/2023)

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