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  • Stephanie Hanouw

Children of God

Even though the way seems bumpy, I am beside you.

"Offer Me the best you have, the best you are. I stand waiting for your more. There is more you have to give. I will take the more and add luster and beauty to it. The time is right. Draw close into Me. Enter in. Be the [man/woman] I have called you to be."

"The time is right. I stand waiting for you to move in closer to Me. I don't look for perfection; I look for heart. I hear your heart's cry. It has not escaped Me. My way and My timing are perfect. I always keep My word!"

"Do you hear Me calling? Be sensitive to My voice, My call to you. Make Me the center of your day. I stand by you to keep you and favor you. Only those who walk in My ways, as I direct, will see the wonders of My presence. Take heart. Even though the way seems bumpy, I am beside you. I have planned more than you know of."

"My timing is perfect. Trust Me for the most wondrous experience of your life. The door is open. The way is set. I am worthy of your trust and devotion. Don't be afraid. Don't hold back. I am with you. Take My hand and walk beside Me into the wonders that await you. I am not a man that I should lie. I take care of and keep My own."

"What do you have to lose by trusting and following Me? Have I not proven Myself able on your behalf for many years? I do not leave you now. Follow close to Me and watch wonderful things unfold! I am always with you. I am always aware of you. You are a blessing to My heart. I love you, my child. Follow Me closely and you will see. I love you. I have spoken." (11/21/2021)

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