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  • Stephanie Hanouw

Claim It!

Put your name on it!

"I am the God that heals you. I am the God that provides for you. I am the God that will carry you through to the end of the assignments I have for you. I will never hurt you nor offend you. I am faithful. I am able. I stand as a centurion to cover and guide you. You are safe in My steadfast keeping power. You can confidently place the whole weight of your trust in Me."

"Don't hesitate to draw near. Come often into the shelter of My presence. I wait with open arms to receive you into My loving embrace. Come when you feel like it. Come when you don't. My love isn't fickle. It doesn't change with the direction of the winds. I am the same yesterday, today and forever. I am for you not against you. Take My right hand. I extend it to you to help you, guide you, encourage you. I am the Lord your God who doesn't change."

"You must trust Me. I am faithful. I have your best interests in mind. Remember to come INTO My presence. Don't just read about Me. Don't just sing about Me. Embrace My presence. There you find Me! You experience Me - My love, My peace, My forgiveness, My joy. I have an overflowing abundance of all that is Me to offer you. Reach out your hands, and come near to receive."

"Don't hold back. Don't listen to the taunts of your enemy. His agenda is to kill, steal, and destroy in every instance. Do not agree with his lies. He is the father of lies. Rely on the pure truth of My words. Don't partake of the devil's offerings. They are deadly, disguised, and humiliating. Hide My word in your heart to protect yourself from the enemy. He offers only death. I offer you life, abundant life. Come into My presence. Love, joy, peace, and abundance await you. I have spoken.

Lord, why is my confidence lacking?

"You must trust. I have called you to trust! Find the confidence you need in My presence. I have spoken."

"Take the time. Make the time. I have much to share with you from the treasures in My kingdom. Walk in faith. Rest in Me. Do not strive. Don't make My assignments a drudgery. Enjoy the privileges of serving Me in My kingdom's purposes. Rejoice!" (10/18/2021)

May I suggest? Read through the above message again, but this time make it personal. (i.e., You are the God that heals me. You are the God that provides for me., etc.) See how powerful proclaiming the truths within this message (all the way to the end) are for your day (and life)! Let me know the impact you experienced in the comments section. God bless you.

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