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  • Stephanie Hanouw

Do You Know God's Truth?

Jesus said, "My sheep hear My voice..." John 10:27

"In the light of My glory stands the Hope of all men. He stands with healing in His wings. He ministers peace to those who will receive it. He brings miracles to the lives of those who will believe. Push out unbelief. Reject it."

"Make truth your compass. Go to My word [Jesus] and find truth [Jesus]. Believe. Act on the truth. Claim the truth for your life and the lives of others. Learn My truth. Know My truth. Share My truth with others. It makes an eternal difference. There is life, love, and power in My truth. My word is My truth - present with Me before the foundations of the world."

"The closer you draw to My truth, the more power you will see operating in and through your life. Be effective. You have the mind of Christ by knowing My word. Open your heart and receive, for out of the heart the mouth speaks. Know My word. It brings hope. Share the Hope!" (10/19/2017)

Let today be the start of a daily time in God's word to learn it, know it, and share it.

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