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  • Stephanie Hanouw

Do You Trust God's Blueprints?

"You serve; I arrange the plan."

"The night ends as the sun is dawning. It's a new day. The old has passed away and each moment is now a new opportunity to see another move of your righteous, holy King. He moves in the lives of His people around the world. He rescues and saves. He blesses and pours out mercy and grace. He takes the wrong and makes it right. He moves in mysterious ways."

"Why won't His people trust Him? Why don't they enter into the adventure that awaits them as they walk with their Lord? They do no trust Me. They don't believe My word! Don't let that be said of you. I have called you out from among them to come before Me with thanksgiving and be My servant."

Lord, those you have called are thankful to be called, chosen, and given the privilege to serve You; but, at times, disappointments become too heavy, and we need you to restore our joy - to help us keep believing and trusting. Help us to go through the days victoriously.

"The little foxes spoil the vine. Do not plan. I am the architect and make the plans. Set your sights on loving, listening, and carrying out what I place before you. The way is Mine. You serve; I arrange the plan. If you trust Me to the uttermost, each day brings an opportunity for joy, rest, and adventure. You are along for the ride. Simply trust and obey."

"Represent Me well to each one who crosses your path. A smile, a warm hello, or a 'God bless you' can lift a weary one. Don't let these opportunities pass you by. Remember, with Me as your Lord, nothing is happenstance. I orchestrate My plans well. You must trust and use the opportunities I present to you. I love you, My child. Trust Me to the point of joy and peace - clear signs of trust." (04/29/2019)

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