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  • Stephanie Hanouw

Don't Hold Back!

"Lives depend on you following and obeying My lead."

"Open up your heart and let the Son shine in. He is the light of love. You need to fill your heart with love. My presence is always with you when you are filled with love because I am love! What have you to fear when I am with you and in you?"

"The stakes are high. Over and over I hear the desperate ones calling for help. I have said the fields are ripe and ready for harvest. Keep ever alert for the chance to bring in a sheaf. Take the opportunity that lies before you and tell of my Good News. You might not realize that a life and death situation exists for the one in front of you. Don't hold back. Lives depend on you to follow My lead and obey My voice."

"Don't hold back! Time is of the essence. Souls teeter on the edge of eternity. Pack up. Start the journey. Your training is nearly complete. Follow My lead. Take My hand and walk with Me. Time is of the essence! Spread the Good News! Travel light. Be ready in any season to move at My command. I'm returning soon." (08/23/2018)

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