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  • Stephanie Hanouw

Ever-present Holy Spirit

The Lord has not forgotten you.

"In the multitude of days, My will stands ready to bring my people closer to their destinies. I have not forgotten My children. I know everything that goes on concerning them. I know the challenges, the heartache, the overcoming, the losses. I know the defeats that tell them they will never amount to anything or recover from the disappointment of a situation. I know and I am always there with them, present to work all things together for their good."

"Many don't remember My pledge to never leave nor forsake them. My Holy Spirit restores, repairs, redeems and takes the faith of the righteous to new levels. Lean into My Holy Spirit. He is your helper. Ministering angels work on your behalf. Don't neglect to allow their efforts to be of service to you. Call upon them. Rejoice in their presence. They are better able to help you than those friends on earth."

"Do not think that I have forgotten you. Your name is written in the palm of My hand and I know the number of hairs on your head. Trust Me. My children need to trust Me. I am a good father who knows what is best for each individual child of Mine. I am love embodied within the hearts of believers. Receive My help. Receive My love. I will never leave you nor forsake you. It is My word to you. Have faith in My word and take refuge therein. Trust Me. I love you." (09/24/2019)

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