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  • Stephanie Hanouw

Finding the Meaning of Life

"The meaning of life rests in your relationship with Me."

"The meaning of life rests in your relationship with Me. If there is no relationship with Me, then there is no meaning to life. When there is relationship with Me, life will be full of purpose and meaning."

"I am the giver of life. Each individual must seek me to determine the meaning I have orchestrated for that life. All real, permanent meaning is found in Me. I am the source of life - all life: some short, some long, some easy, and others filled with suffering. I am creator. I am King and Lord of all and over all."

"Humble yourself before Me. Seek My face. Know that I am God and there is no other. Have no other God in your life. I alone can satisfy the hungry heart and the searching soul. Leave all to Me to ordain the ways of man. I am able to work with any substance in any circumstance. No matter the need, I hold the solution. My people must call upon Me and ask that MY solutions to their situations be revealed."

"I don't hold back as many suspect. I want to be involved and give solutions to problems. Mankind has a specific mental image of My response and it is usually wrong. That's why I call My loved ones to draw closer, to know Me more, to seek to hear My voice, and to know who I am. Only then can they be sure of My leading. Seek Me and find the meaning you desire!"

"I have spoken. Hear Me. Apply My words to your life and watch the difference it makes!" (05/04/2018)

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