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  • Stephanie Hanouw

Gifted For A Purpose

Updated: May 22, 2020

"Make My agenda your agenda."

Jesus said, "My sheep hear My voice..." John 10:27

"Meet Me in the quiet of the day. Make the time, take the time. Time is short. I come soon. There is much to do. Listen and obey. Make the effort, take the time, all is well. My work is going on and on - daily, moment by moment. I need you. Obey Your Lord - walk in His ways. Keep meeting with Me. Don't neglect connecting with Me. This time is health and life. Live for Me. Make My agenda your agenda. Listen. Be sensitive and quick to obey."

"You are My precious child. I have gifted you for a purpose. Embrace the gifts. Embrace the purpose. Don't lose heart. I have everything under control. Just obey. Make haste to carry out My will. Listen. Obey. It makes a difference. Lives depend on you doing your part - that part which I have called you to. Don't hesitate. Listen and obey. I make the way. My plan is perfect and unfolds beautifully, wondrously when you obey. Don't hesitate. Trust. Move. Believe. Obey. Push away the fear. I am here."

"What do you have to fear? I make the way. Trust Me. Love Me. Oh, such great things we can accomplish together. Yield to Me, your Lord. Why call Me Lord and not do the things I say? Trust and obey. Such marvels await as you trust and obey. I am Lord. I am in control. Trust Me. I love you!" (06/14/2017)

What gifts, talents, skills, and abilities might you be stowing away in a hidden box? You have been given those for a purpose. Has He been prompting you lately to unbox them for His glory?

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