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  • Stephanie Hanouw

God's Bright Lights

Are you one of God's bright lights?

A Declaration as impressed upon me by the Lord:

"Heavenly Father, Bright are the lights that shine with Your glory. They light up the darkness around them. They carry within them the hope of the nations. They travel full of light. You lead them with Your eye and comfort them with Your love. You are the source of their being. They look to you for strength and direction. They humble themselves at Your feet. They bring honor and glory to You wherever You send them. They carry great love for You. They are true to You to their death. They are steadfast and trustworthy. Their desires are Your desires for them. Their joy is to bring joy to You. They look up; they lift their eyes and see Your face. They realize Your soon return and the seriousness of the hour. Spreading Your good news is ever foremost in their minds and hearts."

A Prayer as impressed upon me by the Lord:

"Bless them, Lord. Use Your body in dynamic and dramatic ways as You fill Your kingdom with those who believe. Give us ears to hear and eyes to see and hearts that understand and discern Your assignments. We look to You for ALL we need. We serve You in the name of Jesus. We make exploits in Your name, to Your glory. Amen." (02/02/2022)

Are you one of the Father's bright lights? Can you think of someone who seems to be that bright light? I received this word as written, but when you personalize the message/declaration, the power of it resounds mightily.

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