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  • Stephanie Hanouw

God's Clarifying Word

When you listen, you will hear. He says so. John 10:27

"Hear the word of your Lord. Take it to heart. Believe and receive. Many times I have spoken, but My children do not believe it. Doubt causes them to miss the answers I give. You know Me. You know My voice! Believe! I speak many times a day in response to the issues that concern My beloved children, but they do no hear. They think their questions and cries fall on deaf ears."

"Don't let it be so with you. You are My servant. It is important that you hear - important that you obey. Don't lose heart. I love you. I want to use you. I want you to play your part. Don't plan your part; I created it before you were ever born.

"When I imagined you, I placed your part within you. I wove it skillfully into your being. Your bents and desires were molded into your being from the moment I thought of you. Trust Me to complete your life. Trust Me to bring you to your destiny. I am able. Your part is to stay connected to Me. Come into My presence and receive ALL you need for each day of your journey. Keep your gaze fixed on Me while following my lead. I love you. I am for you. Trust Me. Again, I say, 'Trust Me.' I have spoken." (03/07/2021)

This was God's loving response giving me the confirmation I needed concerning a directive I felt He had given. Believing what I heard Him say, challenged me greatly. I had a "pony in the race" and wanted to make sure my desires weren't overriding His directive. The above word was an unsolicited response to the turmoil in my heart. I know He wants to give those of you who are in turmoil the peace you need. Just ask and believe. He wants you to know. He does not esteem one better than another. It is a matter of listening and believing!

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