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  • Stephanie Hanouw

God's Guiding Voice

"Expect Me to give you direction and guidance."

"Alert! Be quick! Be aware! The time is urgent. The days are coming when My voice will be stilled for many. Work, for My kingdom work must be done now. Do not wait!"

"Listen carefully for your part to be revealed to you. My sheep hear My voice. Listen well. Expect Me to give you direction and guidance. I have plans for you to accomplish on behalf of My kingdom: My will accomplished on earth as it is in heaven."

"Listen. I am speaking. Listen with your heart as well as your ears. At times I speak audibly and at times it is a heart conscientiousness. You need to trust Me. Move forward in faith. Trust Me to redirect you if you miss My guidance. I am able."

"I do not send you out alone. My angels, ministering spirits, accompany you as does My Holy Spirit who dwells within you. Go forward unafraid. I am with you. Ask Me when you are confronted by the spirit of confusion. My enemy seeks continually to thwart My plan."

"Pray and live close to Me. Trust that I will not let you miss My voice. But, you must be diligently listening because the devil still seeks to devour and distract My servants who carry out My will. Trust Me. Take My hand when the challenges seem to overwhelm you. I have given you the victory. Rejoice!" (10/04/2018)

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