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  • Stephanie Hanouw

God's Love Invades the Chaos

God's love desires to give more than you need - more than you expect!

"The sea rages. The waves rise up and crash down angrily. The earth moans and groans in travail. Not only is mankind in a state of confusion and chaos, but so also is the world itself. Unrest prevails. Both the creature and the creation anticipate the clash of Kingdoms as the Lord's return draws near. Do not be caught off guard. Pull in close to your Lord. Learn of Him. Study His ways and His words. Know Him. Recognize His voice. Make Him a priority. Hear Him all your name and come."

"My child, draw near to Me. Call upon Me while I may be found. You will find Me when you search for Me with all your heart. I am not distant and far from you. I am near - especially to those of a broken heart. My love waits to bless and comfort you. Receive My love and pass it on to another needy soul."

"Keep up with those things I lay upon your heart. They are part of your assignments. Yield your heart to My plans and My ways and see wonders and miracles take place in your midst."

"What must I do to convince you of My great love? You must receive by faith. Without faith it is impossible to please Me. Faith moves mountains and saves lives from destruction. Faith is strong and powerful. Ask Me for more faith. My love desires to give more than you need, more than you expect. I delight in giving to My children just like your earthly father delights in giving. I love you, My child. The day of My return draws near. Pull in close to Me. Be ready so you won't be caught off guard. I am coming soon. My reward for you is with Me. Come to Me. I love you. (01/18/2020)

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