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  • Stephanie Hanouw

God's Timing is Perfect!

"In the fullness of time (when the time is right) My purposes kick into gear. They will not be late nor will they be hindered. They will accomplish that for which they are sent. My plans will be accomplished in full! Not one jot or title will be left out. Do you believe that? Do you trust Me? You must trust My word to the very last moment. Do not despair. Trust Me."

"Let peace rule in your heart and mind. Unrest and worry will not change My timing or the accomplishing of My will. Those things will work against you and bring less than My best upon your life. Know that I love you. I have the perfect plan already laid out. It is perfectly suited to the ways I have created you. Do not fret over timing. Nothing, no man - no circumstance - can hold back My will."

"I am Lord, Lord of all. Lord of the big and the small. All things are at My command. The trees don't give thought to and worry about bringing forth fruit. At the right time, they bud, they flower, they yield their fruit, then it grows and matures until it is perfectly ready to be used."

"So it is with you. Don't stew and fret. My ways and My timing are perfect. A am in control. Trust Me. Lay the burden down. Walk humbly with your God in whom there is no variableness or shadow of change. I AM. Trust Me! Rejoice in knowing that you are My beloved child who is suited perfectly for My plan! I have spoken." (01/11/2019)

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