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  • Stephanie Hanouw

God's Valentine's Day Message

With love from Jesus to you.

"I love you, My child. Many are the ways I convey My love to you. Watch and be alert to the work of My heart on your behalf. I do good to you. I raise you up to heights of glory and joy."

"Gladly receive the gifts that I delight to bestow upon you. They may look different than you expect. Be careful not to reject a gift of Mine out of wrong expectation. If you wonder, ask. I will confirm My gift."

"Precious are the gifts I give - delights beyond measure. Rejoice, child, I love you. I delight to bring you love, joy and peace - treasures from My heart. Receive with open arms." (02/14/2020)

I found it wonderfully delightful that the Lord would deliver this message on Valentine's Day. He never ceases to amaze me. I KNOW He has Valentine's Day messages for you as well. Just expect.

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